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In spite of being perfectly functional and made of good quality materials many kitchens have a traditional or old fashioned look and are in need of updating. Some kitchens, like this one in Caterham, have hidden and unused spaces. Why not reclaim space with a unique woodwork solution?

Caterham Kithen before

Caterham Kitchen before 02

On balance, many clients know exactly what they want and just need someone to make it happen. The clients for this job had a really unusual shaped kitchen in their 200 year old building with a kind of walk-in larder that also housed the boiler, the gas meter and the consumer unit. They wanted to reclaim that space and bring it back into the kitchen. They also wanted to have a breakfast bar extended into their dining room to allow as much kitchen space as possible and had recently had the wall between the kitchen and dining area professionally removed.

Caterham Kitchen building works Most of the materials used were  good quality, off-the-shelf kitchen units and oak worktops. The craftsmanship I was able to bring to the job was to tailor those parts to fit awkward spaces and 200 year old walls that were anything but square.

Caterham Kitchen installationCaterham Kitchen installation 02

I built a framework, clad with doors and a cut down side panel, to enclose the boiler and provide neater storage. I fixed a new frame, with matching coving, to lower the ceiling in front of the boiler to hide the consumer unit and the household mains wiring and installed a hatch for access.

I used wall cabinets as base units to provide storage and work surface in the narrow area leading to the boiler cupboard. Where there is a small step down into the dining area I built a plinth, using the oak flooring boards, to extend the breakfast bar into the dining area. I constructed a cabinet to fit an awkward corner area and trimmed the wall cabinets and worktops to match the uneven walls in the old parts of the building. Finally I shaped the worktops to fit the curved corner cabinets and provide a breakfast bar.

Caterham Kitchen finished 02 Caterham Kitchen finished

The result is modern, stylish and flowing lines with easy access to the reclaimed area.

The clients were very satisfied with the result and finally had the kitchen that they designed.

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