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Author Archives: Neil Holderness

My Delivery Process Steps

“Delivery Process steps” are really just a simple way of describing a project plan. A “project plan” is just a list of tasks against a timeline. Making and fitting a shelf doesn’t seem to need a project plan; obtain the wood, cut it to size, put it together, apply the finish, fix it in place. […]

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My Design Process Steps

Although the designing is a creative process and should be organic and involve emotions, without a structured framework to work with, it may never reach a solution. Through years of experience I have developed my design process steps which guide me to ensure that solutions meet the client’s needs and are achievable, not just aspirations. Step One: […]

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Is felling trees really sustainable?

I make things from wood. I need trees to be felled. Is felling trees really sustainable? Am I harming the planet? The Government’s Forestry Commission Website states, “Forest loss (deforestation) is the world’s second largest source of greenhouse gas emissions. These gases contribute significantly to climate change but by choosing wood products from sustainably managed […]

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Wood Movement in Furniture

Wood movement in furniture should not be underestimated. All the things in your home made of real wood are expanding and contracting to achieve the same moisture content of the air around it. Interestingly wood hardly moves along its length. Nearly all movement is across its width. A 36″ (900mm) wide table top can move […]