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Awkward or unusual space? Nothing quite fits? Can't get the look you want?
Your home is unique, why not have a craftsman make you a unique solution?

Is there anything wrong with flat-pack furniture?

Nothing. As long as you are satisfied that you fit into a category of customer that likes one of the looks on offer in the range and that the result is not unique. It also helps if your walls and floors are level and square, and your space will take the limited range of standard sizes.
It is true that the quality of flat pack units, especially kitchens, has greatly improved over the last ten years but be careful not to chip off any of the covering on the corners or edges for they will quickly become rather shabby looking. Once you have knocked a unit hard enough to pull a specialised fitting out of the chipboard or MDF carcass, the unit will never feel as robust again. The key to successfully fitting flat pack units is...

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Unbelievably low priced furniture, a fantastic deal?

I'm tempted to say, "If it seems too good to be true, it probably is" but, in relation to furniture, that is not always the case. I will help you to find that good deal and avoid disappointment.
As an example, take the large oak furniture shops, especially those with an on line presence. It is rare to find one without a discount offer; 50% to 70% is common. How do they do it? And is it a good buy? Given that, "there's no such thing as a free lunch" (last cliché I promise), how can they sell an oak coffee table for less that I can buy the materials? Firstly they buy in huge quantities. Wood suppliers and furniture manufacturers can make a living on large numbers of very small margins. Secondly...

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Why go for a bespoke solution?
Why Wood?

There is no doubt that a bespoke solution will take longer than a quick trip to IKEA® and a couple of hours with a screwdriver.
By “solution” I mean loosely a piece of furniture that fulfils a useful, practical function in your home. It either supports an activity, such as sitting, lying down, working, preparing food, eating, playing etc. or it provides storage, somewhere to display things or put them out of sight.
By “bespoke” I mean a unique item made for your specific needs and to fit your specific space. This can include the modification of a bought item to tailor it to meet your needs.
Your decision-making process will no doubt include...

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What my clients say...

The final design exceeded our expectations. Neil was able to utilise the space in a far more creative way than we could visualise. The job was completed within the agreed timescale and we are delighted with the quality of work.